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Helpful Tips When Working With Poison Ivy

We know sometimes there is no avoiding working in or around poison ivy here we have curated some helpful tips for dealing with poison ivy here on Long Island.

Before working with poison ivy

1) Do not use a weed wacker to assist in the removal of poison ivy, oak or sumac. A weed wacker will cause the urushiol oil to fly everywhere.

2) When working with poison ivy, oak or sumac wear long sleeves and long pants tucked into your shoes. Use rubberized gloves and safety glasses.

After working with or around poison ivy 1) Immediately wash skin with warm water and dish soap.

2) Thoroughly wash everything that may have come in contact with the plants (tools, pets, clothing, shoes, etc.)

3) If you have a reaction to the poison ivy plant the most effective over the counter medications to soothe and treat affected areas are Technu and Zanfel.

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