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Poison Ivy

Poison ivy or Toxicodendron Radicans is a poisonous flowering plant that causes inflammation, blistering, and itching when skin comes in contact with urushiol, the chemical that causes the allergic reaction.

Urushiol can be transmitted by direct contact with a plant (live or dead),  airborne particles from burning plants, or indirect contact with an object or animal that contains urushiol residue. Objects and dead plants can hold urushiol for over a year!





Commercial and Residential Poison Ivy Removal 

  • We identify and remove poison ivy or other invasive plants from residential and commercial properties on Long Island.

  • Specialists in a safe, chemical free removal of hazardous-to-the-touch poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and other invasive plants.  

  • We do not use harmful chemical sprays or toxic herbicides.

  • Working with poisonous plants can be hazardous to your health - let us do the job for you  


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