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Tree & Shrub


While a lawn can be hard enough to maintain, adding trees and shrubs on top of that can make it even tougher. Make it easier on yourself and achieve that perfect lawn with wonderful trees and shrubs to match.


We offer Optimal Wellness Plans, which are vital in extending the life and vigor of a trees and shrubs. The treatments in this program support ornamental plants with essential nutrients that have been depleted from extreme weather conditions and horticultural oil sprays to reduce the population of pest prior to spring growth.

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Tree & Shrub Services:
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Fertilizing

Seasonal Foliage Protection

  • Advanced Integrated Pest Management - examination of foliage, branches, and trunks.

  • Customized plans to minimize pest infestation on your trees and shrubs


Horticultural Oil Applications

  • Horticultural oil applications - liquid treatments applied flowering trees to combat pests.

  • Safe for people & pets, the excess oil evaporates quickly, leaving no toxic residue.

Deep Root Fertilization

  • Deep Root Fertilization is liquid fertilizer applied to the root zone of ornamental plants to encourage superior roots.

  • Composed of organic products, Deep Root Fertilization is applied in the fall for vivid green foliage and increased next year.

  • Well fertilized trees and shrubs will have a longer lifespan and are less susceptible to disease.


Winter Frost Protection

  • Winter and Frost Protection compounds create a thin barrier over the leaf’s pore, locking in protective moisture.

  • Beneficial during winter when roots are lacking available ground moisture.

Early-Mid Summer Insect Control

  • Foliar application to control harmful insects such as Japanese Beetles.

Mid-Late Summer Insect Control

  • Control of Spider Mites, Japanese Beetles and other foliage insects that feed in the summer months.

Flea and Tick Control

  • May, June, July, August controls fleas and ticks as well as flying insects

Treatment recommended every 30 days.

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