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Greenlawns of New York - Fertilization

Fertilization is highly recommended to maintain the health and vigor of a lawn.  a solution is applied to the soil and plants feeding them with nutrients essential for fertilizing every four to six weeks throughout the growing season will reduce the growth of weeds and promotesoil health creating optimal conditions for plant growth.

Are you getting the most out of your lawn?


Sometimes, it can be tough to get your lawn to work with you. If you’re struggling with weeds, insects, and other factors that can cause your lawn to look unattractive, consult our professionals at Greenlawns to treat your lawn and make it beautiful and green again!

A great program to keep your lawn healthy all year long.


At Greenlawns Professional Lawn Care, we offer a seasonal program that treats your lawn five times a year over each course of the season to give your lawn the nutrients and protection it needs to look great. 


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Our seasonal program includes a 6-step application process:

  • Early spring

  • Mid spring

  • Early summer

  • Late summer

  • Early fall

  • Late fall





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